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We welcome prospective members bringing new ideas and experiences to our club.

In general a member must be an adult of good character and good business or professional reputation who holds or has held an executive position with discretionary authority in any worthy and recognized business or profession.

Whew! That's a paraphrase from the application. Don't be dismayed by the "executive" term. It actually means a member must have duties that require the exercise of good judgment that influence the course of the business, government, or charitable organization. And don't worry about the size of the organization; many Rotarians are sole proprietors with no employees.

Once you've applied, our membership committee will determine the appropriate classification for your business/profession. Basically each Rotary club is to have only one member in a given area, but larger clubs such as ours are encouraged to finely divide these classifications. So, you'll find we might have half a dozen lawyers, but each will have a different classification: attorney, civil litigation; attorney, criminal defense; attorney, criminal prosecution; attorney, probate; attorney, estate planning; attorney, real estate. There is no restriction on clergy. Rest assured the classification committee will find an appropriate unfilled classification for you while still maintaining the diversity that is a great strength of Rotary.

We at West Austin Rotary look forward to receiving your request for membership. Please contact us and enter the exciting world of Rotary service with satisfaction, contacts, and fellowship.