Our speaker will be Ryan Albanese. 
Ryan is new to Austin and is one of our Rotary Lite members.
Taking a “Leap of Faith”
My story about moving from North NJ to Austin, TX, and the effect it’s had on the growth of my 5 year "Father and Son" startup business. 
In 2012, my father and I started a printing business. He had over 20 years experience in the industry and I had the tech savvy approach to organization and innovation. While our business has continued to make steady growth in the first few years, the responsibility of management has always conflicted with my dream of living in a new city. When the opportunity came for my fiancé to accept a promotion that would bring her career to Austin, we jumped at the opportunity to pack our belongings and begin a new adventure. How it’s since effected the working relationship with my father and the growth of our business is leading me down an interesting new path, and I one I never would have had the chance to embark on had I not taken the “Leap of Faith”