Our 2020 Holiday Themed Invocation by Rotarian and celebrity author Angela Smith
Rotary Covid Style
By Angela Smith
2020 has been one heck of a year
When things will change is still not clear.
The Covid pandemic til relief is in sight
Masks and safe distance -- our best arms for this fight.
Our club so far has braved this foul weather
As we found new ways to keep us together.
We’ve learned how to meet through magic of Zoom
All from the comfort of our own living room.
We can do our club business, with no fuss or delay
Attend virtual programs and party away.
We may not be able to face-to-face meet
But with vaccine in sight, this crisis we’ll beat.
We’ve much to be thankful this holiday season
And friends made through Rotary is one major reason.
This family’s survived, and for that we take heart
Even a nasty pandemic couldn’t keep us apart.