IN-PERSON & ZOOM MEETING : Evolution of Automated Data
Oct 20, 2022 12:00 PM
Aubrey Wilson
IN-PERSON & ZOOM MEETING : Evolution of Automated Data

This presentation is based on Aubrey Wilson's longevity with the data world and being with IBM for 38 years in Sales and Marketing worldwide. The title of his presentation is "Evolution of Automated Data". This is not intended to be a "hi-tech" presentation. It will be entirely in plain, simple English.

About Aubrey Wilson

Aubrey Wilson has a 1947 degree in Economics from UT (Austin) and a 1950 MBA from the University of Chicago. He describes his 38 years with IBM as "selling, advising, cajoling, teaching, planning, consulting, developing and implementing information systems for many of the greatest national and international corporate names in the world".

Aubrey is an Emeritus Member of the Rotary Club of West Austin, and we look forward to the insights he will share with us.