Oct 06, 2022 12:00 PM
Will Katz
Will Katz will share tips and hints on how to use personal anecodtes and stories to overcome typical obstacles to public speaking. These practices will help you connect better with your audience.
  • Open with a heartfelt story about using gratitude to overcome resentment
  • Storytelling: why does it matter?
  • Three high-impact tips for telling better stories, both in front of an audience and in your personal life
  • Overview of Toastmasters: what is it, how can it help?
About Will Katz
Will Katz's life mission is to create the next generation of math learning software. The goal is to use data to adapt the program in real-time, tailoring the experience to each individual student.
His original background is in sales, where he logged thousands of hours selling everything from CUTCO knives, to software, to even mattresses. Sales taught him that there is genuine, monetary value to being honest and helpful with people.
In 2014, he pivoted to the field of education, by opening a private tutoring business, where he specialized in high school and college math. By working one-on-one with hundreds of students, Will noticed that when he matched the learning pace of each student, they made rapid and unprecedented progress. He found himself wondering, "what if a piece of software could do this?"
In 2017, he started his second business, Resurgent Arms -- a manufacturing and e-commerce company that specializes in firearm accessories. Will first encountered firearms in Boy Scouting, and saw what he thought was a business opportunity. The company began as an experiment, and took on a life of its own. Today, the company employs four people and makes six figures in annual revenue.
While all this was happening, Will diligently participated in Toastmasters, leading several clubs as President, and competing and winning in both the Evaluation and Humorous speaking competitions.